...this is a story of possibility... (evilmannequine) wrote in vegancooking,
...this is a story of possibility...

I think I should tell you how I make refried beans too. since they are delicious.

so if you want them to be from scratch scratch, make yourself some pinto beans first.

so wash em off, soak them for a long time, wash them again, and then cook them for a few hours til they are soft.

then drain most of the water and in a pan heat some oil and a minced clove of garlic (I got a garlic press recently, and I'm in love)

heat that up and throw in some cumin seeds.

get it hot, but not smoking or deep frier hot. but ya know, hot.

and throw in your beans (or, if they are from a can, drain off most of the liquid and toss em in. sometimes I wash them off again)

cook this for a bit and stir it around and start mashing the beans with a fork.

add some veggie broth, a small squirt of katchup. a little bit of garlic salt and a tiny bit of boulion cube (or not, if its not convenient)

ya know, spice it up how you like it. I like taco seasoning in bulk so I can sprinkle it in.

add a splash of water when it gets too thick and stir it up and youre done.

and they are delicious.

I used to always wonder how to make them.
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