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Vegan Cheeeze

A few things:

Has anyone tried the new Wildwood vegan cream cheese? They make my favorite soy yogurt, tofu and soy milk so it's gotta be good, right???

What's the secret behind the perfect vegan grilled cheese? What temperature do you set your burner to and how much soy butter (or oil?) do you use? I just made one a moment ago and while it was damn tasty, I couldn't get all the soy cheese to melt before the soy butter burned up. I had it on a low heat and even covered the darn thing for a while. It seems I can only get all the cheeze to melt when I make the sandwich in the toaster oven. One thing I did do today that was so freaking good was I sauteed some ripe tomatoes in the soy butter with balsamic vinegar and dried basil. Despite the not-quite-melted cheeze, the tomatters made this sandwich super yum.

My one year old kitten is becoming a fussy eater. One day he's madly in love with a certain food and the next he never wants to see it again. I suspect he's pulling the old "If I starve myself, she'll buy me such and such" game because he's not acting sick and does eat eventually (at night). I'm going to get his current favorite food (the one I ran out of yesterday) and see if that will get him to eat more. My kitten still eats meat, but he is also quite fond of squash and roots. He also loves tofurky and soy cheese, although I don't him either often at all. Does anyone have any vegan kitty treat recipes that they would like to pass along to me? I've heard a lot of cats really like vegan dishes that contain sea weed (because it smells like fish to them). Fish is his all-time favorite food, so I wouldn't mind learning some vegan "fish" recipes too.

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