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Phaedra Lari

Corn-Wheat Griddlecakes

The original non-vegan version of this recipe is from my baking bible, Cooking with Wholegrains by Ellen and Vrest Orton. I've changed it around to make it vegan and made some other minor adjustments. The griddlecakes come out very light and melt in your mouth; they're rich and flavorful enough to eat plain though I like to drizzle a very small amount of maple syrup on top. This is a small recipe and serves 2 hungry people.

Okay, the griddlecakes:

1/3 cup corn meal
2/3 cup whole wheat flour
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons brown sugar
3 tablespoons canola margarine
1/4 cup silken tofu (I used Mori-nu shelf-stable soft tofu)
3/4 cup soy milk
Optional: fresh blueberries

In a large bowl, cream the margarine and brown sugar thoroughly until light and fluffy. Combine the dry ingredients and cut them into the margarine until the mixture is the texture of coarse meal. Using a blender or beater, whizz the tofu until completely smooth. Add the soy milk and blend again, until smooth and as aerated as possible. Using a wooden spoon, mix the tofu/soymilk (and blueberries if using) into the rest of the ingredients; don't overmix. Cook on a greased moderately hot griddle.

Note: the batter will be thicker than pancake batter - it should look almost like a quick bread batter in consistency and you'll have to gently spoon it onto the griddle to cook. The griddlecakes are so light and delicate that you need to be extra gentle when flipping them. I find it easier to make them quite small for that reason so that they are less likely to break when being turned over.
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