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best sandwich in the entire world

this sandwich has been nominated best sandwich in the entire world as of 23 may 2005

x one cinnamon-raisin or other sweet bagel
x vegan mayonnaise
x organic stoneground mustard
x one leaf romaine lettuce
x handful potato chips
x three-ish slices tofurkey, i used oven roasted.

spread mayonnaise and mustard on both sides of the bagel, add the slice of romaine, the tofurkey, and the potato chips.

and then EAT.
oh yum.

&& side question:
i've been using the alvarado street sprouted cinnamon raisin bagels, which contain honey. i do not purchase items with honey, nor consume them knowingly, but my dad bought these by accident and i wasn't going to throw them out or let them spend years in the freezer.
any good vegan (non-honey) cinnamon raisin bagels out there?

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