genveg (genveg) wrote in vegancooking,

Need ideas for hotel room cooking...

As strange as it sounds, I need ideas for foods I can make/eat in fancy hotel rooms. I travel a lot for work, and go to different countries, and many of them are not veg friendly. So rather than make a big deal of my diet, I usually eat a small salad or something, then grab more calories back in the room. (and I carry food around with me).

Before I go I usually go to Whole Foods and buy granola bars, dried fruit, dried veggies, sunflower and pumkin seeds (yum, curry pumkin seeds), meatless jerkeys. I can't bring anything fresh.

The hotel rooms have the ability to heat water. Some even have fridges and microwaves. But most just have the coffee thing that will produce luke warm water. I could get some things from room service.

Any suggestions on like soups to buy that don't taste so bad with just hot water added?
Any other ideas on stuff I can bring to eat? I thought students might have some creative ideas.
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