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BEST beans and rice EVER

okay, i don't know if they're the best ever, but they ARE pretty awesome (and they're relatively quick and easy to make)--i wouldn't call them cuban cause i'm not cuban and don't know enough about cuban cooking to claim that but they are somewhat inspired by something i had at a cuban resaurant that paired muduros (made out of sweet ripe plantains but i experimented and found a way to substitute bananas for a similar taste) with beans and rice

okay, i actually kind of tried to take notes while i made them to get the measurements of spices and seasonings right but you may have to tweak them a bit cause i don't usually cook like that:

3 cups rice (cooked) (i've been using light brown basmati because i got it for free but whatever you like best--i personally would go for even heartier but that's me) --prepare as directed but also add the following to the water before you begin to cook the rice:
1-1/2 tsp ground cumin and 1/2 tsp garlic powder and 1/2 tsp seasoned salt <--i think it ended up being more but you can add that to taste when its done to be safe

while that cooks:
dice 2-3 Carrots and boil in water with a pinch of saltin a saucepan until desired mushiness (this is personal preference basicalaly but i like to make them as soft as i can get them before they stop having any kind of crispiness/bite/texture)

while carrots cook:
dice 1 banana and sprinkle with nutmeg, cinimon and a pinch of salt. in a small frying pan, fry/sautee (not sure what you'd call this) bananas in a small amount of olive oil until it is warm all the way through (the bananas kind of deteriorate into this mush but there will still be a few chunks)--set aside

once the carrots are cooked as you like them:
drain carrots and add 1 can of Cuban black beans (i'm not sure where to find these because they were given to me by a friend but i'm guessing you could probably find them in the ethnic foods section of a grocery store--they are already seasoned and say something to the effect of "ready to serve" on the can, so make sure you get Cuban black beans)--don't drain the black beans because they are in something of a sauce. also add some corn (i added about a handful of the frozen kind this time but i probably would have added a little more if i had it and you could deffinately use fresh or canned too) and your favorite hot sauce (optional) (add this to taste as hot sauces vary in hotness)-- heat all of this up in a saucepan until hot

Around the time the blackbeans etc are hot, the rice should be about done (well, at least the kind i've been using was). when the rice is done:

add bananas to rice and stir until mixed(also, if you have it, you could add a litle bit of salsa at this time but i didn't have any this time and its great without it too) then mix in black bean mixture.

add salt/seasoned salt to taste

enjoy (it is good hot or cold and also in a tortilla with some lettuce/tomato/onion)
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