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Raw food veggies!

Calling all you raw food vegans out there! I don't think I could cope with a constant raw diet, but I'm interested in all your favourite raw veggie recipes. Raw foods feel a lot fresher and healthier sometimes, and really I don't eat half as much raw stuff as I should.
My dinner tonight wasn't exactly raw food, but involved a lot less cooking than I usually get stuck with. I got it off a friend, so I don't even know what it's called, but it's a great, fresh tasting, sweet little Vietnamese recipe.

You will need:

-A pack of rice paper
-A small packet of rice noodles
-Marinated tofu
-Basil leaves
-One white onion or a handful of shallots
-Soy and hoi sin sauces for dipping
-A handful or two of green long beans
-About two tablespoons of pickled ginger


Dice onion or shallots and ginger finely. Chop tofu into thin ribbons, and throw the whole lot into a pan for a few minutes, until the onion in soft. Blanch the beans for about five minutes, drain off and add a pinch of spices (I just used salt and pepper.)
Spoon each into a seperate serving dish. Soak rice noodles in boiling water for 10 minutes or so, and once drained out, spoon into a serving dish.
Dip rice paper sheets into a bowl of boiling water for a few seconds, set down and load up with the other ingredients. Roll over from the closest side, fold in the ends and roll up to the end (they end up looking kind of like raw spring rolls.)
They're awesome with hoi sin I think, but the rest of my family preferred soy. They have to be eaten fresh, so make sure there are guests about.

Edit: By the way, does anyone have a successful recipe for vegan sticky-date pudding?
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