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crumb cake / disappointed with sinfully vegan cookbook.

some of you might remember i posted a couple of questions about flax powder vs flax seed, and what not. that was when i was making the "i can't believe they're not sinful brownies" from sinfully vegan. i wasn't really happy with how they turned out but others seemed to like them. anyway so i was very disappointed with the cookbook, yet i decided to try another recipe. so i tried to make "my grandmother's crumb cake". and again, disappointed. i know that some of you have said that the recipes in this book are really great, and i'm going to keep in mind the cheesecakes, lemon cake and the fort knox cake. but otherwise, i think i'm giving up on this cookbook. very disappointing. =| the recipes all sound so good. anyway just wanted to let people know about my experience with the cookbook.

i have some pictures of the crumb cake, which i'll put behind a cut. the cake itself, i thought (and so did a couple of my friends), was pretty good. not amazing, but good. the "crumbs" on top were made of unbleached flour, sugar and vegan shortening. they did not become nice crispy crumb things like i expected. it was powdery, and it still is. so i put it under the broiler for a few minutes to see if that would help it crisp up but i didn't. (maybe if i had put more shortening it would've been fine? i don't know.)

ANYWAY... i'd like to continue experimenting with vegan desserts (i'm vegetarian). so hopefully i find some yummy things. :) i'm sure that some recipes in sinfully vegan are fine, and with some modification they could possibly all be fine. but i don't want to have to make everything twice in order to find out what it's supposed to taste like. i like when i can actually trust recipes!

the "crumbly" or powdery looking bit on the top i just brush off before i eat any of this.
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