Analytical Engine (oldest_song) wrote in vegancooking,
Analytical Engine

Last night's dinner - rice pudding ideas?

Last night I needed something quick, easy, and cheap for dinner. I had a container of week-old leftover rice from a Chinese place that my boyfriend had abandoned in my fridge. I decided it needed to be eaten, but it was rock-hard stale. So... rice pudding.
I boiled a mix of vanilla soymilk and water, added the rice and a cut-up ripe banana, and supplemented with a handful of TVP for bulk and protein. This was cooked on the stovetop, stirring constantly, for maybe ten minutes until the rice had softened (the mix was still fairly wet, but not liquid), then covered and transferred to the oven at 275 for 20-ish minutes while I ran an errand. When I came back - soft, fluffy, tasty banana rice pudding. The TVP had disintegrated, and what with all the the soymilk and the banana, it didn't seem to do a thing to the flavor.
Any ideas for more things to do like this? How do you make leftover-rice pudding?
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