. (sabine_strohem) wrote in vegancooking,

beer battered tofu 'n chips

I found the recipe HERE

not healthy at all but it was quite good!

I soaked the tofu in malt vinegar over night. the deep fried tofu turned out very good especially the places where the taste of malt vinegar was the strongest. It seems the vinegar didn't get absorbed a whole lot into the centre of the block and I even had it cut in half... I'm really not familiar with how to prepare it. You'd think after being vegan for 4 years I would but this is only the second time trying it since my first experience was not so good. Silken tofu, otoh, I use a lot for desserts, etc. Next time I marinate it I'll cut it into 1" slices. but yum, it was really good. the malt vinegar is what really did it. I used the sol cuisine firm tofu which doesn't have that really spongy texture and I did freeze it beforehand. After dipping and letting it deep fry for a minute or two, I took it out and placed it back in the batter and fried it until golden brown.
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