L. (brief_candles) wrote in vegancooking,

So, I posted about a week ago w/a recipe from Martha Stewart. (Soba noodles, peppered tofu, etc.) I never made it, sadly. I did, however, make a vegan birthday cake from a recipe I found online. While the cake was OK in taste, it lacked fluffiness and had more of a bread taste. I was severely disappointed.

So, I have a few more questions!

01. What do you use to make your cake taste more sweet? How do you get it fluffy, light & moist? I want the next cake I bake to resemble a real cake instead of a load of bread!

02. Do any of you have a good vegan creme bruelee recipe?

Here are two photos of the cake I made. It was my first attempt at cake decorating, as well. I got a bit cocky trying to do the Bat Signal. God, help me.

A: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

B: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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