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4:00am burrito

(I was up late, craving interesting flavors, and too lazy to cook rice.)

A couple oz. seitan, diced
1.5 large, firm pickles, diced
3 - 5 green onions, sliced thin
1 slice fennel seed bread*, torn into little pieces
1 whole-wheat tortilla
Bragg's or soy sauce
sesame oil
black pepper

* I used Hungarian Fennel Seed Bread from "The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook", veganized, with some whole-wheat flour. The fennel seeds in the bread lend this recipe an additional zing of flavor. It is a great bread for toast and sandwiches.

Heat frying pan on medium/medium-hot

Stir-fry seitan in a little sesame oil until seitan is somewhat browned; add a few twists freshly-ground black pepper

Add sliced green onion; stir

And chopped pickles and stir-fry until desired texture of ingredients is reached (pickles should still be very firm)

Add one slice torn-up fennel seed bread

Add a few squirts of Bragg's; stir until mixed, but don't let the bread fall completely apart

Warm tortilla (I do this by laying it directly on top of food in frying pan, then covering the pan for about 30 seconds)

Put tortilla on plate and smear on desired amount of Vegenaise

Spill food into tortilla

Add a generous squirt a little spicy yellow mustard, fold tortilla, voila!
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