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your most impressive dessert!

xchristinax and I are in an English class where people bring desserts, homemade and otherwise (but never vegan), to share with the class about once a week. Now that the semester is ending we want to bake something really awesome to share with the class and show them that vegan desserts can be amazing.

We've poked around in the memories a lot (quiz me! I know everything there, haha!). Some things we're considering are this cheesecake, truffles or the chocolate mousse pie from the Candle Cafe Cookbook (I think a lot of people here are familiar with it). The cheesecake looks amazing but a) neither of us have tried it before and b) we're worried that the class will be skeptical of a non-cheese "cheesecake" (AKA "uh...I don't want to eat that...VEGAN cheesecake?!") or try to compare it to "real cheesecake." I've made both the mousse pie and truffles a few times and they've come out well.

So...first of all, what's YOUR most impressive dessert? What should we bring to class?

And second of all--what's your take on the cheesecake v. truffles v. mousse pie question? Keep in mind that we live in New York so the non-vegans are used to high-quality Junior's cheesecake!

Thanks so much in advance!
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