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Perfect Crumpets: What's the Secret???

I just made crumpets for the first time. They tasted good, but didn't look that great and didn't taste quite right (too yeasty and almost too salty). Is the batter is supposed to be really gummy? When I was a kid I used to go to this cafe called Tea 'n Crumpets in San Rafael, CA. They made the best crumpets on the planet (and they were vegan, too!). I reeeeally want to figure out what the heck they did (light, fluffy, subtle yet distinct flavor, perfect every time!).

Any ideas?

The crumpets I made were quite good with peach and blackberry jams, fresh strawberries and French Roast coffee mixed with a bit of homemade Thai Iced Tea and Aaron Cometbus' latest book. Not a bad breakfast.
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