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lime curry tofu

So while my mom was reheating yesterday's barbecue, I decided to use up the tofu left over from my Memorial Day kebabs. And I also just bought a big cheap container of (yellow?) curry and wanted to dive in.

All measurements are approximate.

-one medium lime
-about a tablespoon of Nayonaise
-two tablespoons warm water
-1 1/2 tsp Ener-G
-2 or 3 parts cheapie curry powder (the kind I used came in a big 1-lb container for $5)
-1 part flour
-a few dashes of garlic powder (optional)
-about six 3/4" slices extra-firm tofu
-olive oil

I pressed and drained the tofu block as a whole, then sliced it and blotted each slice gently but firmly between paper towels to remove extra moisture. I had a bit of trouble using "fresh" tofu like this, so I bet it would be even better if you froze it, then thawed it and squeezed the excess liquid out.

Prepare the "egg" by whisking together with a fork the Ener-G powder and warm water. Juice and zest the lime and add that in, then whisk in the Nayonaise. Set aside.

Make the breading by combining a handful of flour and numerous dashes of curry powder (and garlic powder, if you are so inclined).

What I did was dip the blotted tofu slices individually, first into the lime dippy stuff and then into the breading, but it might work better to marinate frozen-thawed-squeezed tofu in the sauce for a few hours to let the flavors soak in well. Or, you could combine the lime dippy stuff and the breading powder to make a batter. Either way, heat up some olive oil in your skillet and fry both sides of each slice, then drain on paper towels. You can use this in sandwiches, or maybe prepare the tofu in cubes instead and, like, add in veggies and stuff, whatever it is you do with curry when you know how to cook (haha, not me). But hey, even if you're like me, it comes out looking rather artistic (like Jackson Pollack cooked it) and ze hands smell good and limey.
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