. (ryansmithxvx) wrote in vegancooking,


FINALLY! i got my tofu juuuuust the way they make it at my favorite restaurant.

here's what i did:

freeze package of water-packed tofu for 48 hours
place in fridge 24 hours to thaw
drain package, wrap tofu in lots of paper towels and put on a plate with a cutting board on top to press out the remaining water for 40min

cut tofu into small blocks and then lightly coat with flour on each side

fry in pre-heated deepfryer (375*F) for 5min

drain oil off tofu then coat lightly with szechaun style stir fry sauce

stir fry tofu with vegetables (i used a pre-thawed/heated freezer pack of thai stle vegetables which has noodles, sprouts, water chestnuts, carrots, red & green peppers, peas) until the veggies and tofu look done

mannnnn is it good!
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