Kimberly Pike (veganvixen7) wrote in vegancooking,
Kimberly Pike

Vegan Birthday Dinner

My birthday was this weekend and my boyfriend (who is a professional chef) made me an amazing vegan dinner.
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Chilled Watermelon Soup -
Citrus, Ginger, and Honey Infusion

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Asparagus Panzanella - Plum Tomatoes, Italian Bread, Sweet Onion, Red Wine Vinaigrette

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Wild Mushroom Risotto - Portabella, Crimini, and Oyster Mushrooms, Sweet Corn Jus, Accented with Condimento aromatizzato al Tartufo Bianco

There *was honey in the watermelon soup, but how could I complain?
For dessert, we had strawberry sorbet and espresso, but my digicam died.
I'll see if I can get him to post the recipes!
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