Bethany (aquacfoamshame) wrote in vegancooking,

Looking for suggestions

I decided to make some drastic lifestyle changes recently and I was hoping that I could get some suggestions. I've been vegetarian for many years but finally decided to completely cut out dairy from my diet. I also stopped consuming foods and beverages that are processed or contain any added sugar, artificial sweeteners or salt. So, right now I eat vegetables, fruit, seeds, and nuts and occasionally cook vegetables with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I drink water, Odwalla Superfood, Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness, Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein, plain green tea, and occasionally other fruit juices (this morning for breakfast I had about 5-6 oz of organic pomegranate juice). My favourite things to eat are either fresh green beans cooked with pressed garlic, a little EVOO and raw almonds... or 1/2 of a small avocado mixed with sliced green onion, grated carrot, a little bit of celery, and flax seeds or flax meal. I don't like to eat bread, tortillas, rice, or anything like that. (x-posted to vegetarian.)

I really like to cook but I've been cutting out so many things from my diet that I'm running out of things that seem like actual meals. I want to encourage my best friend to eat healthy as well but she doesn't like to just snack on raw vegetables. Any suggestions?
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