abalancebeam (abalancebeam) wrote in vegancooking,

Range Fries

^^these are not the ones i made, I found them on the internet and shamelessly hot linked this picture.

Boil 2-3 potatoes (more depending on how much you want) for 10 minutes (or until white in the middle) let cool
Chop into sections (see picture)
Fry with whatever oil you choose (I used vegetable oil, i don't know a lot about pan frying)
add rosemary, garlic, lavender, salt and pepper to taste.  (I really recommend the lavender, the taste is very subtle, but very good)
Put into a paper towel to soak up excess grease
Cool, and enjoy! (I like to use a decent amount of Tabasco, Louisiana hot sauce or franks red hot sauce. and dip in ketchup)
Guacamole also tastes good with these, i actually mix the hot sauce and ketchup together, dip the fry in that then dip the fry in guacamole.
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