Webtar Bazaar (webtar) wrote in vegancooking,
Webtar Bazaar

Roasted Potatoes

Not too long ago someone posted about growing their own food in one of the many vegan communities around, so I thought I'd show you my fresh breakfast from this morning:
Some potatoes (big and small, I love them all)
4 cloves of organic garlic (the garlic from my yard isn't ready yet and organic garlic is so much more smelly/tastey)
4" sprig of both rosemary and sage (from my yard)
some olive oil.

Chop up and put in 375+/- degree oven for 20-30min.
Pictures under cut.

Potatoes 1
Dirty potatoes.

Potatoes 2
Mmmm fresh herbs.

Easy cheap organic breakfast.

I forgot I was going to add some spinach for the yard just before serving, so that's not seen in the photos.

I also wanted to add that this summer/warmish days I have been enjoying peach and other fruit flavored ice cubes in my ice tea! Right now I am making some mint flavored ones.
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