kinkyfish (kinkyfish) wrote in vegancooking,

A camping feast type question

I'm off for a weeks camping with some friends next week, and was planning my usual repertoire of soups chillis, pasta and bbq food, but I've just found out that they will all be having a spit roast for one evening.
Not to be outdone, I'm trying to think of what I can make for myself- I've decided upon roast rosemary potatoes, which I can do on the fire in some tinfoil, but I can't think of anything to put with them. I don't think a similar roasting technique would work with a nut loaf.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
I will have plenty of time, as I imagine the corpse will take them some time to cook (ewww), and I can do most foods in a field but this one has really stumped me!
Any suggestions would be really most welcome!
Thanks all
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