smothered gunfire (redpainter) wrote in vegancooking,
smothered gunfire

simple and foolproof black beans and rice

I always have some of this on hand. you can throw them into corn tortillas and make enchilada type things with it, eat it w/ some fried tofu for breakfast, make burritos w/ it, eat it on its own....

1 can black beans (or red beans)
3/4 c dry brown rice, cooked according to directions w/ a bouillon cube (i like the harvest sun organic ones)
a few tablespoons of salsa
seasonings: cumin, paprika, oregano

cook the rice, drain and rinse the beans well. preheat a large frying pan with some oil. put in the beans and rice and mix together, stirring in the salsa. i only like a bit of the salsa to give it a slight tomato and onion flavour but you might like more. then season w/ approx 1/4 tsp or more cumin, paprika to taste, as much cayenne as you can handle, and one v. small shake of oregano. mix everything around, fry until hot. eat and enjoy topped with a quick salsa of chopped tomato, cilantro, red onion, and lime juice.

by the way, this is REALLY GOOD topped with fried plantains.
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