Lynn (blut_infektion) wrote in vegancooking,

Chocolate almond midnight.

Has anyone ever made this recipe:
It's from the Millennium Cookbook, I think. I was just wondering, if anyone knows, when you put the crust into the springform, are you supposed to press it onto the sides, too, or just the bottom? It sounds like just the bottom to me, but it seems to me that if there was nothing to hold it in, the chocolate tofu filling would just go all over the place when you undo the springform. My springforms are kind of big, too, so I think I would double the crust recipe if I need to press it into the sides, too. Also, in the recipe, she refers to this as a cake. It sounds more like a pie to me, especially since I've made pies with similar chocolate tofu fillings. Does it really come out cake-like somehow? Can anyone answer my questions? Thanks!
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