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let's talk stevia again.

i looked through the memories but didn't find the information i was looking for, so here goes. i want to talk stevia because i am serious about reducing or even eliminating the sugar (in all it's forms) that i add to foods. i have found a lot of posts talking about how what brand/type of stevia you get is important when you're concerned about flavour and aftertaste. i am most concerned about aftertaste and economy. i want to know, if you use pure stevia extract (the white powder), what brand do you use, where do you get it, what do you pay for it?

the only kind of stevia available to me locally is made by "wisdom" food company (they have a site about their stevia products at it is mixed with the fiber from chicory roots (inulin fiber, i think is what it's called) and sold in a box full of little packets - not a form that lends itself to baking and cooking, unfortunately. and expensive enough that i don't want to muck around with it too much since the 1/2 a tsp in each sachet only = the sweetness of 2 tsp of sugar (a far cry from the "300x sweeter than sugar" claim i've read elsewhere). this form of stevia is just fine for my coffee and other drinks, but not viable for baking, etc.

however, i found a site based in my home country, that sells the pure stevia extract and am considering purchasing a container of it but want to be 100% certain that there is no bitter aftertaste as they claim. i understand that the aftertaste can be due to using too much in your recipes, and will use it extremely sparingly as directed, but i have heard stories that even when people use it as the companies say they should there is still aftertaste issues.

so basically i want to know if anyone has tried the stevia sold on and if not or if it was found lacking, where aftertaste-free pure stevia extract powder can be purchased from the internet. i want to buy it super concentrated so that i really can make a 50 gram tub or whatever, last a million years. ;)

thanks everyone.
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