L. (brief_candles) wrote in vegancooking,

OK...a few questions!

First of all, I am currently vegetarian. I am raising my son vegan. Starting today, and for the next 10 days, I am doing something called Master Cleanse, where, you eat nothing for 10 days, and drink a special "lemonade" (ingradients: maple syrup, lemons, cayenne pepper, water). You also drink a salt water mix in the morning, and an herbal laxative at night.

When you start to eat food again, you are supposed to start eating vegan for a few days. I want to continue eating vegan. So, here go my questions:

#1: Do any of you know any special vegan broth/stew recipes?

#2: I am a big fan of natural beauty, and I make all of my own face cleansers, toners, exfoliants, etc. Is anyone else here into natural beauty, and do you have any vegan alternatives? Most of my recipes contain egg whites, yogurt, etc.

#3: Do you know if Smart Chicken Strips are vegan? If not, do you know a good (and tasty) vegan alternative to chicken? I LOVE Quorn's version!

Thanks so much!!
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