the story so far (saucy_coconut) wrote in vegancooking,
the story so far

Sorry, guess it is off-topic.

I had some super awesome Vegan Breakfast the other night! At a local restaurant, there is a dish called the Cook's Revenge, which consists of whatever the cook feels like -- no refunds, no returning the food, you're stuck with it. It can be ordered, meaty, veggie, or vegan style. I totally lucked out!

One giagantic platter of vegan blueberry pancakes, one giant platter of Tofu Scrambler (with veggie sausage, tomatoes, red peppers, and toast!) I was soooo excited because my boy and I work every weekend so we are unable to go out for vegan breakfast, but thanks to the Cook's Revenge, I was able to feast on b'fast at night, heehee!

Just thought I'd share, I was extremely happy, I've been lusting after great vegan pancakes for a long time, hehe.

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