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Every year for the past 3-4 years I've gone up to Maine for the first week in July with my aunt's family. They're all from the South, and they do a lot of "down home Southern cookin'", complete with lots of bacon and eggs for breakfast and butter on EVERYTHING. The cottages we all stay in for the week we're there are in a tiny little island town with one general store.

My question is this: what are some tasty but easy recipe ideas so that I can, you know, HAVE FOOD while I'm there? I'll have to make it myself, because I don't want to put anyone out or make a big deal out of my dieting preferences, and it seems rude to have a person who's cooking for 30 make a second option for just one. I'm planning to bring as much (non-perishable) food with me as I need to, but I also want to think of quick and easy recipes whose ingredients can be purchased at the local general store. I want this to be not only an opportunity for me to have food to eat, but also for me to 'show off' a vegan or near-vegan (organic eggs and fish on occasion right now) diet-- I want to show them that I still have plenty of variety, I don't have to go out of my way to make complicated food, and I can eat things that taste good! Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes ideas. <3

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