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dinner idea?

here's what i've got--

a small bunch of kale, some broccoli, one potato, one sweet potato, an onion, garlic, some shrooms...

two small limes, two lemons

a can of light coconut milk

big can of peeled tomatoes

a pack of seitan

one 16 oz "bag" of massamun curry paste (which i've never used before)
(also have just regular curry powder and such)

i also have a bit of shredded "mozzarella" leftover from a pizza...

i also have a bunch of guacamole and uncooked brown rice...

a bunch of seaweed (kelp, dulse flakes, nori)

red lentils

fresh ginger

oh, and tons of canned beans--garbanzos, black, kidney, and a pinto!

the canned goods aren't so important to go through obviously--i just thought i'd mention what was available to me...

what a hodge-podge, i know!

any thoughts? obviously a curry comes to mind -- wondering anything else....

keep in mind i have a toddler and a 5 1/2 month nothin' too complicated or time consuming please!

a (rough) recipe would be nice if one has it handy!

thanks to anyone who may share their ideas!
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