Patience (yes, my real name.) (petienka) wrote in vegancooking,
Patience (yes, my real name.)

"The Saucy Vegetarian"...?

Does anyone else here own and use Joanne Stepaniak's cookbook, "The Saucy Vegetarian: Quick and Healthful No-Cook Sauces and Dressings"? ( I'm just wondering what other's favorite sauces from the book and meal combinations might be....

I've owned the book for some time, but have only recently 'rediscovered' it. I think it may be the perfect answer for streamlining my family's meal prep and planning this summer -- when the weather's hot, time's short, and fresh/garden produce is abundant and flavorful. The general concept behind the book is to simplify one's vegetarian meal planning by focusing on grains, simply cooked (including rice, millet, quinoa, bulghur, pasta, bread, polenta, etc, etc, etc), legumes, and fresh veggies (either raw or lightly cooked), then tying it all together with a jazzy, flavorful, no-cook sauce. For example, the other night I made couscous (with a handful of cubed tofu thrown in), a simple steamed spinach/carrot/cauliflower combo, then whipped up a spicy, nut-based sauce to top it all. Last night I served onion soup, Sage Walnut bread made in my bread machine, raw yellow and red pepper slices, along with one of the book's pesto sauce/spreads. Tonight I'm thinking of serving potatoes (baked probably?), simmered black beans, a little steamed chopped broccoli, and a tahini-based sauce from the book. It's so simple! Is anyone else out there actively using the book? Any favorites or ideas to share?
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