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hardcore coffee morning!

A whole day of baking is good, but the sugar gets you wired...

First of all a huge thankyou to this community, which was invaluable in getting these recipes!


This week mrs_cinnamon and I did a charity cake stall for the Cold Dead Hands coffee morning.

On Wednesday we made Tiffin (recipe) I think it sold the fastest out of everything (leading to much panic on our part that we weren't going to get any for ourselves *mwahaha*).

However, it wasn't until Thursday that the baking marathon truly began. Kiz came over round half 11 and we got to work on the strawberry lemonade cupcakes, then did a load of chocolate butterfly cakes (with pink icing naturally, brown cake alone is obviously far too boring) but then we ran out of cupcake cases, arg. In the end it was quite lucky, as we decided to make a single layer chocolate fudge cake with the remainder instead, which totally sold out, rar! After all that time baking we were pretty knackered (and sugared up, although we were actually really good and only had about two cupcakes the whole day), but we dragged ourself to the kitchen and made carrot cake anyway.

Here're links to the rest of the recipes:
strawberry lemonade cake. The only change we made here was to do strawberry lemonade icing too, instead of coconut (and, er, make them into cupcakes instead of a cake obviously...). Basically that was made by blending up strawberries and using them plus lemon juice instead of water in the icing. This also made pink icing which automatically increases the imenseness of these cakes (I'm forever grateful to the person from vegancooking who invented the recipe, it's my favourite thing in the world). Unfortunately, even though they looked very immense and fairylike in the flat, they didn't exactly travel well, and after the bus journey there some of them 'looked like brains' as someone put it. THEY STILL TASTED GOOD THOUGH.

carrot cake.

chocolaty things! Basically with these, for the butterfly cakes we chopped the tops off the cupcakes to make the wings, then stuck them back on with the remaining strawberry icing (which we added extra icing sugar to to make it thick and strong enough for the job). For the chocolate fudge cake, we just used a normal cake pan to do a single layer cake, which we then covered (generously) in the same icing as used in Richard's Viking Cake then sprinkled green&black's on the top (which we'd smashed up in a blender) I can't actually remember what sort of green&black's...it had fruit and nuts in though...

Anyway, I thought the whole thing went really well, not only did we sell loads of cake and make a bit of money for the Indonesian Children's Appeal but the company was most excellent and I had a totally lovely morning...AND I bought a load of stuff from the AK Press stall. Rar, Noam Chomsky :)
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