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trying cinnamon roll recipe from the archive

So for Fazha's Day, I made imperrfections' cinnamon rolls with a few minor changes.

That's only one pan; they came out ginormous. I think next time I'm going to try rolling the dough thinner and longer and cutting them into mini-cinnamon rolls, and using unbleached flour.

My changes: For the filling, instead of 1 tablespoon cinnamon, I did three heaping teaspoons. And rather than 1 cup brown sugar, I used 1/2c brown sugar and then 1/2c turbinado (which I pulverized all nice and powdery in the blender; doing this doesn't affect measurements at all and is very helpful, since the large grains don't always blend into recipes as well). I also used pulverized turbinado instead of regular white sugar in the dough. And my stepmom had left the oven on 350 for cooking steaks (hooray!) and I didn't think to crank it up to 375 before baking, so when I noticed after the initial 20 minutes, I had to let the rolls bake another 5-10 and they turned out just fine. After biting into one myself, getting funny looks (yeah right, like I'd cook something I couldn't eat), and reassuring the veg-o-phobe household that there was Nothing Weird in them except soymilk, no one could deny they were great. Thanks to the OP for the recipe!!
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