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vegan hiking food

i'm going to new zealand later this year and will be doing some semi-long distance hiking. i'll be hiking for about five days at a time and i'm trying to figure out what food to pack. i've hiked before (for six days) and i packed red lentils and cous cous (with a stock cube for flavour) for dinner each night with dried fruit & nuts and crackers with vegemite (hi, i'm an australian!) for lunch, fruit and muslie for breakfast (with soy milk powder) and pre-packaged miso/tea/lollies for snacks.

i'd like a little more variety this time if i can organise it though and also, it has been brought to my attention that if you don't rinse red lentils, they can give you stomach pains (from all of the starch) - i didn't rinse my lentils at all last time and i was fine but since then i've noticed that sometimes not rinsing DOES give me stomach pains! eek.

can i pre rinse lentils and then dry them again???

most importantly - please give me suggestions for lightweight, non-perishable dinner/lunch options for my hike.

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