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So I just got myself a big jar of pure dried Spirulina powder. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a blue-green algae used a a food supplement. You can find some good information on it here: http://www.naturalways.com/spirul1.htm.

My question now is how to take the stuff. It is reccomended to mix it in with fruit juice, however I found that this caused the fruit juice to turn green and the algae clumped together a lot. It was really quite hard to drink because of the taste and texture, though I did add an entire teaspoon to a pretty small glass. While splitting a teaspoon over several glasses of juice throughout the day would make it more pallatable, I'm wondering if there are any other ways people have found to mix this stuff into their food. It's a powder, but it doesn't dissolve. I'm thinking mixing some into bread would work (yum, green bread :p) but I hardly ever make bread these days. So I'm wondering if there are any quick and easy meals I could put this in. Nutritionally, it's excellent, but I don't want to be forcing it down or anything.

Perhaps soup?
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