Carly (fight_the_feed) wrote in vegancooking,

got milk?

So a few minutes ago I was scrambling though the kitchen looking for some milk to have my cereal with.
And I had a major need/craving for this cereal.

but alas, no milk was to be found!! soymilk? no! almond milk (my favorite)? no! perhaps a carton of unopened oatmilk in the pantry? no!

I cant drive yet, and no one else was willing to go and grab some for me and I needed to quench my craving fast, so with my super vegan powers I created my own milk!

I combined a scoop of my vanilla soy protein powder with some blanched almonds that I ground up in a coffee grinder, put them in a blender with some water and whizzed away. It tasted pretty icky at first, so I added a few globs of maple syrup, whizzed again, and created pure goodness. Mmmm, and its just right with my cereal too!

Just thought I'd share with you all in case you ever have a case of "got milk?"
Tags: substitutes-dairy-milk
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