Alex (limestick) wrote in vegancooking,

Hey thanks to all of you who helped me with my guacamole dillemma! This is what ended up happening:

I got some great recipies!! BUT since I am lazy and I am not going to the store until sunday I improvised.
I took all of your ingredients and used what I found right on hand, which actually was barely anything. So, I mashed the avacados then put some Realemon lemon juice in it and then added cumin, garlic powder, and salt and pepper. Honestly, this is some of the best guacamole I have had. I usually buy a packet to make it because I am lazy, but it makes really bad guac, so now I have a new way to make nummy avacado dip!! When I go to the store on sunday I will get all the ingredients I *really* need and make better guac!! I put the guacamole into a warm tortilla because I am trying to ween myself off of cheese. It is really good, and I just threw this in here because maybe the idea hasn't occured to some of you, or now you remember something you use to do? I dunno, but it is REALLY good. Specially for people who are simple, lame, and lazy like me!
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