x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

edamame soymilk

Now here's a weird question: I ordered a soymilk maker (SQUEE) and I already bought some dried soybeans to use in it when it comes. However, to get those I have to go all the way out to Whole Foods in some hugely busy area of town about 20 minutes away (though a smaller store nearby might carry them, which I'll check into later this week). The grocery store up the street carries shelled fresh edamame (well, at least, it's in packages in the produce section and doesn't need reconstituting); is this type of soybean suitable for soymilk making?

Also concering my future homemade soymilk, I made this entry in veganpeople. It wasn't really about cooking so I put it there, but perhaps those of you knowledgeable on the whole homemade thing can offer some tips.
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