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Spring rolls, summer rolls, and soy

1. I'm making the summer salad rolls from the July/August issue of Vegetarian Times, and most of the ingredients called for are things I've never worked with, like papaya, avocado, and spring roll wrappers. You don't fry them, so the wrappers need to be nice and soft and moist when served, and they're lined with Boston lettuce for stability. The papaya and avocado, among other things, are cut into thin strips and rolled up in there raw. Strips of baked Thai tofu (I guess like the stuff by White Wave) get rolled up as well, though I don't have any, so I'm just seasoning and frying some plain tofu. The recipe makes 12 rolls, and though I'm the only one eating them, I don't mind making a full batch so I can have a couple for lunch every day at work. The magazine says you can make them ahead and put them in tupperware in the fridge, but doesn't say how long they'll keep; I'm hoping they'll survive this coming week. Will the wrappers get dehydrated again and/or contribute to the lettuce wilting? Will the papaya and avocado spoil? As long as the tofu is well cooked, it will be okay, right? Tips for success are welcome.

2. Since I'll have wrappers left over in the package, I'm making some normal fried spring rolls with bean threads since I can't find anything labeled "glass noodles". The Food Network's website's online glossary says they're the same thing..?

3. About six months ago I stumbled across a sort of encyclopedia of soy online, which I bookmarked on a computer that is now comatose. It had pictures, descriptions, and suggested uses for a whole spectrum of soy items, from silken tofu to okara to that stuff they skim off the top of soymilk and sell in sticks. Does anyone have a link? (If it was something I originally found in the memories, you may join me in kicking me.)
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