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Easy Potato Skins


This is my first post to the group. Been following for a week now. I didn't think I'd have anything to contribute, but what I had for dinner tonight was really good... gotta share it.

one baked potato
vegan chili (Amy's spicy vegan chili, in a can, works fine)

Begin by baking potato to your satisfaction. When it's done, split open and empty contents of can of chili over potato (half a can works well if it's one potato). Garnish with hot sauce and jalapenos (both optional).

Eat it, except for the skin. The skin should be covered in chili sauce. Add any garnishes to skin at this point.

Set oven to Broil. Place potato skin in oven until browned to a crisp.

Remove from oven. IT WILL BE HOT!

Eat, and enjoy!
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