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vegan omelet

I had some leftovers and I fried them up-- the concoction was like an omelet, actually, and it might be a nice solution for vegans who miss omelets.

This is for one (smallish) serving

1/4 c. marinated tofu, crumbled
1/4 c. cooked quinoa, "solidified" in the fridge-- I think the dense texture of the chilled quinoa helped make this work
dash of tamari or Braggs
dash of nutritional yeast
1/2 c. sprouts, or any (cooked or diced raw) veggies of your choice.

Press the quinoa and tofu together. Heat the oiled pan. Put the tofu-quinoa mixture in. Once it's heated and begins to brown just slightly, add the Braggs and the nutritional yeast, and mix so they are distributed. Press the tofu-quinoa "egg" flat into the pan so that it browns and forms an "omelet" shape. If you are fancy, loosen it with a spatula and flip it. I am not fancy and omitted this step. I added the sprouts and put a lid on the pan for a moment, to briefly steam them.

It was super delish, and since it tasted like eggs, I ate it with brown sauce. Yum.

I could see adding egg replacer, etc. I've never mastered the use of egg replacer, but it might make for a bigger, more solid "omelet" that could actually be folded over.

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