My foot, your throat. (myfoot_yrthroat) wrote in vegancooking,
My foot, your throat.

Quinoa Risotto

2/3 c quinoa, rinsed
2 T olive oil
1/2 small onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 t kelp powder
1/4 c dried shitake mushrooms, chopped
1 T chili garlic paste
1/4 t Five Spice Powder
1 T tamari
1/4 c coconut milk
1/2 c peas
Water or stock as needed

Heat the olive oil in a medium saucepan. Saute the onions and garlic. Add the rinsed quinoa and toss to coat in the remaining oil.

Add enough water or stock to cover the quinoa by about an inch, add kelp powder and shitake mushrooms. Stir. Stir. Stir. The liquid will begin to thicken as the quinoa releases starch. Keep stirring. Once the liquid is almost completely absorbed, add more stock or water to cover by about an inch. Add the garlic paste, five spice, and tamari.

Keep stirring until liquid is almost completely absorbed again. Taste the grains. If they're about done, proceed to the next paragraph. If they aren't done, add water or stock to cover, stir, wait till it's absorbed, and taste again.

If the grains are almost done, then add the coconut milk and peas. Stir until everything is really thick and creamy. Voila.
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