Melanie (melaniemonkey) wrote in vegancooking,

oh my GOD revolting

I have a pastime where I like to melt cheese on an everything bagel. I've BEEN using "Good Slices" or "Veggie Cheese" slices to do this, but they both have casein, a milk protein in them

I would like to try a pure VEGAN version of sliced cheese of course, also for my veggie burgers. Now I have tried vegan slices and now just about 10 minutes ago I just tried Tofutti slices and thus why the revolting in the title of this thread. Seriously I about hurled

any recommendations for an actual GOOD vegan slice brand? I know I have read y'all talk about Follow Your Heart brand but that's not available yet here in North Carolina. Should I just go sans cheese? heh
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