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Community Service Announcement

Just the periodic reminder that the many members of this community have provided a vast array of recipes, product reviews, how-tos, and ideas to the enormous recipe index and faq (or click on the link in the navigation bar at the top left-hand side of the community page), the archiving of which was co-ordinated and masterminded by supercarrot. Please, do make use of that resource before posting questions - you'll be amazed at the amount of information members of the community have generated over time.

Also, if in doubt about the topicality of a post (i.e. if it's not directly related to vegan cookery) or are not sure about the community ground rules, please do check out the community info and guidelines, which cover what is and isn't on-topic, what ought to be put behind an lj-cut, what kind of topic/thread will be deleted or would be more appropriately moved to another forum, and all that fun stuff. The ground rules are there to help everyone get the most out of this community.

We now return you to your scheduled salads, pot pies, tamales, soy sundaes, and even fluffernutter sandwiches.
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