Lord Percy Percy (nuka_cola) wrote in vegancooking,
Lord Percy Percy

Something that won't clash with Chicken Teriyaki?

My sister is giving a dinner party on the weekend and told me she would be serving Chicken Teriyaki. She asked if I had a recipe for a vegan dish that she could make as well, but I told her I'd bring something and not to worry. But I need some recommendations!

I want something that won't clash with the teriyaki (since I want to make enough for everyone), and whatever dish I make will have to be prepared at least an hour before it will be served. But a lot of Asian dishes are best served straight out of the pan. My sister will probably serve a salad as well, and I'm guessing there will be rice.

Do you have any ideas/recipes for a dish I could make? I did look in the FAQ, but I'm after specific recommendations for this situation. :-)
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