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hi ya'll
i've been watching this community for a while now and i find alot of it very informative.
so i thought i'd would ask you all a question.

here is my short little story:

last august i developed IBS(irritable bowel syndrom), so around september and ocober i stopped smoking and drinking(just with dinner and family parties) completely. i was hospitalized in october and i was all sorts of effed up(they found an infection in my colon). in december about...i started to see an acupuncterist and he helped me ALOT (i still see him now...he is my mentor!), anyhow... i wasnt getting enough protein and since i could have died from that infection i had to start eating more meat and more often, and since i was still eating meat back then(giving up one vegitarianism a year or so before that) it wasnt TOO TOO hard for me...i was only eating carbs and cookies that were organic and i was eating like a bird basicly. since september ive had no cheese, nothing fried, nothing too fatty, nothing with too much sugar, no fast food, no spicy food(thats slowly being reintorduced but only this last month)....nohting really bad for you.

so for the last 2 or more months...ive only been eating fish(and only a few times a week) and eggs(again....1 to 0 times a week...and in things i consume) only because i fear getting sick...i feel bad that i eat fish...its still killing...but i CANNOT afford to get sick...

so here is what i do...
i consume ALOT of soy.
i eat tofu, soy beans, chicpeas, things with TVP in them, soy nuts, SOYNUT BUTTER(mmmm!!), i drink soymilk...and all during the day...so lets say....im getting my fill...right??? could i even stop eating fish?

i get my fill of veggies and fruit too...

BUT - in hearing that soy makes your estregen higher i was glad...because my testosterone is a little too high.....BUUUUUT!!....my period is late...is that normal?? could i be having TOO much soy?? i AM 18(had my period since i was 11), but for the last year or so my period has been happening within the same week or 2 period in the month...but im almost 2 weeks late now and thats weiiiiiiiiiiiird. i KNOW a cycle can change at almost any age but....

eh...and sorry to bring this up but you guys REALLY seem mature to me so...i've been having "unhappy poo" ^_~ still stool like but soft and acidic....yum! haha but yea....arent you supposed to be more constipated?? since you dont eat meat???


sorry if this post is really long but...im really curious!!! and kind of worried.
my bowel and uterus arent playing nice.....
so i figured you guys could help me.

thanks alot.

nikki rae
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