exploading into hysteria. (nomentionofme) wrote in vegancooking,
exploading into hysteria.

Dairy Allergies

Hello everyone. My name is Trish and I live in South Mississippi. I have a two month old son named Deegan who is exclusively breastfed. He has serious dairy allergies. However, I have never really watched what I ate. Now I have to avoid all dairy in my diet to insure the health of my child. Giving him formula is not an option being that the only formula he can take is hypoallergenic and cost $22.50 a can something we can not afford. I was suprised at how many things that say "non-dairy" have dairy proteins in them. I guess I am looking for a little support and possibly a friend or a couple to help share some of their recipies with me. My child is the most important thing in my life and I would do anything for his health. Also I can not have anything with casien* or whey from milk.
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