franny glass (hibou) wrote in vegancooking,
franny glass

anyone ever found that tofu, just your basic organic firm tofu block, doesnt settle well with your stomach? it seems no matter how i prepare it, and even when it is just rinsed and sliced for putting in my summer rolls my stomach just doesnt handle it well. does that seem like more of a medical reason to not have tofu or a personal reason? is an upset stomach and digestion stuff my body telling me not to eat it or just ..?

in the past i'd always written this off as preparation, but i will face the fact it isnt. i always rinse and drain it.. it seems so nuetrel i cant hardly believe it would be.

other than that, my main reason for bringing it up is i am concerned about not getting enough protein if i try and go sans tofu for a bit. i eat soy in one form or another quite often.

bah humbug.
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