You can call me Edith (weizenwind) wrote in vegancooking,
You can call me Edith

Fancy but (very) easy fig dessert

Grilled fresh figs with golden balsamic reduction:

Make the balsamic vinegar reduction:

Pour a cup of white (aka golden) balsamic vinegar into a small, non-aluminum saucepan and simmer, uncovered, until it's reduced by about two-thirds and is noticeably thicker. During the last minute or so of cooking add about a quarter teaspoon of thyme leaves or rosemary. Don't skip this--it adds nice little flavor punches. The reduction will continue to thicken somewhat as it cools.

While it's simmering, grill the figs. Allow two figs for each person. Wash and trim off the stems, then cut in half lengthwise. Grill on a countertop grill, real grill, or broil in your oven/toaster oven until the figs soften and get a little juicier. You may or may not get grill marks.

Arrange the figs on dessert plates and drizzle the glaze over them. If I'd thought of it I would have garnished this with some toasted walnuts.

This would also be good made with regular balsamic vinegar, which is much easier to find.
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