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Help with cheesecake!

Here's my cooked cheesecake under the cut. I want to finish it tomorrow morning but I think there's something wrong. Take a look at the pic and tell me if this is normal:

Cheesecake Cheesecake

Why did it puff up?
Does it need more cooking time?
There's no place for the strawberry topping!
It seems stiff enough to hold a grapefruit spoon though!
This is roughly the recipe:

These are my changes:
Crust is chocolate cookies with earth balance.
Recipe split in half, one normal, one with 2 handfulls melted chocolate chips.
3 tubs of tofutti instead of 4.
The two layers were then swirled together before baking.

This is a birthday cake so I can't cut into it right now to know if it tastes okay.
HELP! Should I make a new one?

Thank you for your help. I let it cool a bit, put it in the fridge and this morning it shrink down to a managable size. It still seemed like a lot of mixture for a 9" pie/cake. I am glad i didn't use 4 tubs of tofutti.
Now it's super firm, almost hard to the touch.
I can't wait until I can try this thing so I can stop worrying about it!
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