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Thai massaman curry.

As with most Thai curries, all the recipes I've seen for Thai massaman curry (including the one in the memories) call for a curry paste. Massaman curry recipes call for a massaman curry paste, which is something I haven't seen anywhere. Does anyone know where to find massaman curry paste, or does anyone have a recipe for massaman curry that does not call for the paste?

For reference--massaman curry is the Muslim-influenced (or so I hear) Thai curry that is sweet and spicy with kind of a peanutty taste. (It's sooooo good!!) And curry pastes are essentially a mix of spices blended with a little bit of spiced oil. I've been able to find red and green curry pastes in many grocery stores--Thai Kitchen is one company that makes them--but never massaman curry paste.

Thanks in advance!

(Also--I'm not sure that I did the tags right on this thing--can someone tell me if they're right, and/or help me fix them if they're not?)
Tags: ethnic food-thai, herbs&spices
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