B (greenbeanriot) wrote in vegancooking,


I just recently joined. This is a very nice community and I've enjoyed looking at the recipes and images so far.

I have a question to throw out. A few weeks ago my family and I went to a Chinese restaurant with some Chinese family friends. They served up "pudding" for desert. It was firm but wobbly and looked like milky Jello. I assumed it was made with gelatin and dairy. However, our friends insisted that it's made with corn starch and it's dairy free. We had mango, green tea, and coconut (which they called coconut tofu becuase it looks like silken tofu, but is actually made from coconut and corn starch). It was delicious, so I tried to look up the recipe when I got home. I couldn't find one that matched the description of what we ate and how they told me to cook it. It was just flavor, sugar, and corn starch. I tried to make it on my own, but it came out kind of... slimy. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

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